How does one go from $100 million to zero?

Adrian Peterson, who is set to make at least $100 million from his NFL career, is reportedly "broke" and being sued for millions after failing to pay back a multitude of loans.

This seems to be a common theme amongst athletes and stars in particular, but MILLIONS of people lose so much of their hard-earned money at each and every income level.

If you are afraid of losing money, here are FIVE KEY LESSONS in order for you to KEEP AND MULTIPLY YOUR MONEY:


You MUST drill these words into your head.

As tempting as it is to spend all your money, DON'T.

Your ability to save money is the most crucial way to keep your money. You MUST be prepared for whatever life throws at you. You may experience anything from an unexpected business opportunity to a major emergency that requires immediate cash.

You do NOT want to rely on loans to pay for these opportunities or expenses. Loans are extremely costly and often unnecessary in the overwhelming majority of cases.

Imagine if Adrian Peterson had put away just 1% of his $100 million. This equates to $1 million. Even if he were to completely hide this money in an untouchable bank account or a trust, he would be able to live the rest of his life without worrying about his next paycheck.

You might be thinking, "well, Frank, not all of us have $1 million to just sock away in a bank account."

It does NOT matter how much money you have... the PRINCIPLES of saving are EXACTLY THE SAME. You MUST take a percentage of your income and save it for opportunities, emergencies, or anything else that may happen throughout your life. This is the only way you can ensure that you will not lose your money to foolishness.

If you are wondering what percentage of your income to save, you can find plenty of numbers all over the Internet. My advice: SAVE AS MUCH AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. You will often regret spending money, but you will rarely regret saving money.


Once you have enough money saved and you create a steady income for yourself, you MUST invest and GROW your money.

If your money is sitting in a bank account, you are not growing your money. Banks are paying minuscule interest rates on your money. You will NOT multiply your money by letting your money sit in a bank account.

Even if you made the simplest of investment decisions and put your money into the S&P 500, which is an index of the top 500 publicly-traded American companies, you will considerably grow your money over time. If you want less risk, you could even purchase government-backed bonds for a lower rate of return on your money. It all depends on risk.

Regardless of which investment route you take, you are still growing your money and taking CONCRETE ACTIONS to multiply your money over time. There are numerous ways to do this, and Frank With Money is planning to tackle investments in future articles.


It is CRUCIAL to continue learning about money and finance for the course of your life. The easiest way to do this is to stay informed and be aware of current economic events. With today's technology, it is as easy as ever to search for ways to save, invest, and learn.

Pick up a copy of the Wall Street Journal. Watch CNBC on television. Find books on skills that will lead you to keeping and multiplying your money. The possibilities are ENDLESS.

The quicker you learn these skills and build smart financial habits, the better your life will be.

Soon, Frank With Money will be creating courses and instructional videos on how to save, invest, and learn about money and finance. Frank With Money will also be writing book recommendations for you to get started on saving, investing, and managing money the RIGHT way.


Living below your means is HUMBLING. It requires you to live a lifestyle that does not reflect your income.

Most people live above their means, which means that they live a lifestyle that is vastly above their level of income. They may be making $50K per year, but they are still driving luxury cars, wearing expensive designer clothes and accessories, buying extravagant homes, and much more.

This is outright RIDICULOUS.

You MUST live below your means if you want to keep and multiply your money.

If you want to create a sustainable lifestyle for yourself, you must cut back on a lot of luxuries. You do not need to live poorly, but you need to live at a level where you are saving and investing a considerable amount of money.

People may look down on you for doing this. They might make fun of you for driving that old car, or wearing clothes that are not "trendy," or living in a "normal" house.


You do NOT work for your money in order to impress others. You work to create the lifestyle that YOU want. You do not do it for your friends, your co-workers, or complete strangers who don't even know (or care) that you exist. YOU DO IT FOR YOURSELF. Do not be pressured by anyone to spend YOUR hard-earned money.


In the report regarding Adrian Peterson, Peterson's lawyer claims that the NFL star "trusted the wrong people."

In today's world, you MUST be able to trust yourself with your hard-earned money.

There are countless ways that people are being scammed out of their own money today. This is why you need to constantly educate yourself on the importance of smart money management. You must be able to have the confidence to be able to handle your own money, no matter how much you have.

The moment where you lose control over your money is the moment where you lose.

You need to hold onto your money like your life depends on it. Because it does.

Keep these five lessons bookmarked so you can refer back to them at any time. Write them down and keep them posted somewhere visible in your home. You will certainly need to be reminded of them, no matter HOW MUCH money you have.


NFL star Adrian Peterson made close to $100 million but apparently can’t pay his debts


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