What does the phrase "Frank With Money" mean?

Being 'frank' means "open, honest, and direct in speech or writing, especially dealing with unpalatable matters."

That's exactly what the Frank With Money movement is all about. Money is one of the toughest subjects for most people to grasp. We're changing that.

We have yet to see schools teach basic, fundamental financial habits or skills. Even if they were taught in schools, people wouldn't learn the REAL truth about money.

This lack of teaching leads us to depend on financial "experts" to handle our money, since many people feel uncomfortable with money. Many of these so-called "experts" like to sugarcoat the truth or simply lie about money. This is because many of these same "experts" are trying to sell you something. That's not what Frank With Money is about.

Frank With Money is about open, honest, and direct financial education. The movement stresses the importance of smart money management, investing, saving, budgeting, and everything in between.

There is NO LIMIT to the topics that we are tackling in this movement.

Frank With Money is taking a bold, aggressive approach about everything involving money. No sugarcoating, no lies, no tricks, no BS. Only the truth.

In turn, I want YOU to approach money the same way we approach it. This is the goal of the Frank With Money movement.

Join us in the movement of becoming Frank With Money.