I overheard a store employee ask his co-worker if they were getting paid today.

She replied no, prompting him to shout, “Sweet, I’m still broke! I only have like... $16 in my bank account...”

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard something like this, and I bet neither have you. You might have even said it yourself.

There is ALWAYS someone who seems to be BRAGGING about being BROKE. Why is this? Is it cool to be broke? Is it funny to be broke? What message is that person trying to convey by telling the world that they have no money?

I believe these people care more about money than everyone else. They are struggling, but they don’t want people to believe that they care. It is a defense mechanism by acting nonchalant about how little money you have.

Instead of telling the world that you’re broke, how about you stop talking and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Nobody will reward you for complaining. Stop complaining and get to work. Figure out WHY you’re broke instead of complaining about it.