Man, I can't stress this concept enough.

Not only is this a major money principle, but it’s a major LIFE principle.

If you’re like me, you’re always thinking ahead at what your future holds. You’re setting these major goals and they’re inspiring you, but the problem is...

You don’t know where or how to START.

That’s why I say START SMALL.

If you want to make $1 million, where do you start?

Do you try to make that $1 million in one shot?

How about $500,000 in two shots?

$100,000 at a time?


No. Believe it or not - you start with that FIRST DOLLAR. You figure out a way to make that first dollar. That’s the first step.

As you move along, dollar by dollar, you will continue to develop skills and sell things that people need. Eventually, you continue to shorten the ways to make that dollar.

Before you know it, you are learning, developing, growing, and, most importantly, you are building MOMENTUM.

Momentum is the key.

There’s only one way to begin that momentum.


πŸ”₯πŸ‘‚How have you used this principle to accomplish your goals?