What inspires you?

I’m sitting poolside today on a Wednesday afternoon flipping through an Omega magazine (for anyone that isn’t aware, Omega is one of my favorite watch brands, and probably one of the most respected brands out there).

Here’s the deal. There’s nothing wrong with wanting luxurious things. I’m not gonna lie to you - I want them myself. I could already envision the great things that I want and WILL HAVE in my future.

The issue that I have with luxury items is when people can’t possibly AFFORD them, but buy them anyway.

They spend all their hard-earned money on these items, bringing them right back to step one. They aren’t creating WEALTH by doing this. They’re CONSUMING and WASTING money on things that will hold them back from becoming wealthy.

If you truly have a desire to build wealth, you need to get out of this consumer habit IMMEDIATELY. Wealth has never been the reward for consumerism. 

Wealth takes a DEDICATION to avoiding the consumerist mentality. 

Next time you think about whipping out that credit card at the mall, consider what your REAL goals are.

Are you trying to LOOK wealthy? Or are you trying to BE wealthy?

Ask yourself the hard questions now so that you don’t kick yourself for making mistakes in the future.