If you can't find a job, I want you to read this

For those of you who can’t find a job, I want you to read this.

Brian Flores, current head coach of the Miami Dolphins, didn’t have the perfect plan to become an NFL head coach.
It took an unbelievable amount of grit, persistence, and determination to get to his position. After he realized that he would be unable to play in the NFL due to an injury, he decided to write a letter to every single NFL team asking for a job. Flores didn’t tell teams that he wanted to be head coach. He actually didn’t tell them he wanted to be a coach at all... he told each team that he would take ANY job - simply for the opportunity to be part of an NFL team. And he did just that. And it worked out pretty well, I’d say. In every sense of the word, Flores HUSTLED from day one when the New England Patriots decided to take a chance on him. He worked COUNTLESS hours as a scout for the team and climbed the ladder to serve multiple coaching roles, which eventually allowed him to become the head coach of the Dolphins. In the process, Flores spent an incredible amount of time working on his craft and developing himself as a coach, as a professional, and as a person. Truly inspiring. Use this and apply it to your endeavors, whatever they may be. Do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get to where you want to be.