All over the internet, we see hundreds of self-proclaimed "financial gurus" who seem to know everything there is to know about money.

I can't help but laugh. I know you can't either.

A lot of these so-called "gurus" don't tell you the truth. They don't tell you what it will actually take to achieve your goals. They hardly take the time to know who you really are.

They tell you what you want to hear. They tell you that you're special and you "deserve" everything in life.

I don't care how special you think you are. If you think you're the greatest gift to mankind, then get away from this page ASAP. It's not for you.

Regardless, these guys will take your money and you will never hear from them again. They don't tell you what's best for you - they tell you what's best for THEM.

That is NOT what Frank With Money is about. We don't sugarcoat a single thing here, we don't act like "gurus," and we certainly don't know everything.

Instead, we give it to you straight. We seek and tell the truth, even if it's hard for you to hear. We embrace new ideas. We put everything out on the table. We strive to learn everything we can to accomplish our goals and fulfill our purpose on this earth.

Isn't that what we all want?

My goal in creating this movement is to create a platform encouraging people to be real, honest, and frank when it comes to money. My goal is to continuously learn, teach, and help people along a journey to wealth and independence.

There are no limits to this movement, and there is nothing we won't talk about. We embrace 100% transparency, which is certainly lacking in today's world of fake internet "hustlers" and "influencers" who only make money on people's ignorance.

This movement will focus on personal finance, current events, business and market commentary, and other similar topics that enhance your ability to develop a money mindset.

I am not giving financial advice, recommendations, or anything of the kind. I am providing educational materials for you to learn and use at your discretion.

If you like what you're reading, we'd be proud to welcome you to the Frank With Money movement with open arms!


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I personally thank you for your support and attention. If there's anything we could ever do for you, we're just a message away.

- Frank


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